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We here at The Damascus Brewer make over 30 different kinds of beer and like to keep variety on tap.  We have 8 taps in our tasting room and any one of the following beers could be on tap on any night!  Check the Home page to see what we are starting out the evening with and we will put other brews on tap as kegs are emptied.  Enjoy!
"Beaver Rage IPA" like hoppy beers do ya? Think you can handle it eh? Well you’re in for one hell of a hop experience. Beaver Rage IPA is known as the IPA for people who don't like IPAs because it is super hoppy --BUT NOT BITTER! The superstar hop lineup includes Summit, Willamette, CTZ, and Nugget.
Butterfly Belgian Pale Ale
This delightful Belgian Style Pale Ale is beautiful and light much like a butterfly dancing in the breeze along the Virginia Creeper Trail. If big, heavy, aggressive, and hoppy are what you are looking for then look for an Easter Bunny on steroids.
"OMG"(Old Man Garrett). This beer has been approved by some of the most critical light beer drinkers on the planet. It's light, crisp, and not mass produced by a corporate giant. This beer goes best with parties, music, and friends.
Sometimes there is a good reason to drink, and here it is! This fine Irish stout has a dark complexion and a creamy smooth finish on the mouth. Predominantly Chocolate and Crystal malts, this beer is my Americanized version of a Guinness/Murphy's hybrid with the exception that this actually contains a significant percentage of alcohol.
This beer is delicious and extremely easy to drink.  It's enticing amber color invites you in and then it's smooth flavor and clean finish leaves you wanting more, more, more.  Don't worry though, we have plenty.
"Backbone Bock"
Bock is historically associated with special occasions, often religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter or Lent (the latter as Lentenbock). Bocks have a long history of being brewed and consumed by Bavarian monks as a source of nutrition during times of fasting.  Everyday is a special occasion here at the brewery and to prove it we make this delicious dark lager all year.  Very malt forward with no detectable hop presence-- This beer is its own special occasion.
When we first tasted this beer we needed a word to describe it that would smack you in the ears the same way this beer jolts your senses and Bazinga came to mind.  Imagine if an Irish Stout and an IPA had a glorious baby together.  They would name it Bazinga.
Dark rich flavors such as coffee and chocolate abound in this Porter style beer.  Hops are there, but definitely take a backseat to the robust nature of the roasted malts.  "I've got a fever--and the only cure is MORE Beaver Fever"
"D-Town Brown Ale"
The Damascus Brewery is the closest brewery to the Appalachian Trail and we know how thirsty you can get climbing these mountains so we created an awesome version of the classic brown ale just for you.  A beer that is as cool as the town it is named for and brewed in you will never forget your journey or this beer.  Here's to you Hikers!
"Sweet Beaver"
Apricot Hefeweizen
Not actaully "sweet" in a sugary sense, this beer is more sweet in a "Dude, this beer is sweet, give me a high five" kinda way.  True to style Hefeweizen brew with a pleasant apricot finish.  You may have had others in the past, but you will love our sweet beaver the best. 
"Bimbo Blonde Ale"
This beer is easy to pick up at a bar and then goes down even easier.  A pretty beer with its golden blonde color and bright white head it is richer than a light beer, but not heavy.  Refreshingly light and bubbly you will want to take it home with you and then have it again in the morning. 
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